Rajan Chakrabarty Receives CAREER Award from NSF

Rajan Chakrabarty, assistant professor in the Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering was awarded the NSF Career Award for research titled, CAREER: From Cradle to Grave: Radiative Properties of Biomass Burning Aerosols 


Rajan Chakrabarty

Professor Chakrabarty’s research focuses on two distinct themes: (i) Investigating the role of atmospheric aerosols in earth’s energy balance using novel instrumentation and diagnostic techniques, and numerical models; and (ii) Understanding aerosol formation in combustion systems toward synthesis of high porosity and surface-area materials for energy applications.
Professor Chakrabarty is also a member of the Center for Aerosol Science and Engineering (CASE), a group of 7 faculty members focusing on the advancement of knowledge and technology through aerosol techniques in the areas of Energy, Environment, Materials and Health.